My career started out during summer after finishing my first year at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania. It had the role of Customer Service Representative in the collections department for America Online (AOL) in a call center. Six months later changed my role to a Business Analyst at Oracle Romania for a little over a year and then a year after that changed again to a junior PL/SQL software developer still at Oracle Romania.

Since then, a lot of years flew by,  technologies, programming languages, companies and roles and eventually changed career paths to move into leadership positions.

Along the way, I was fortunate enough to have met a lot of great people, colleagues, and friends which have influenced me personally and my career, and I think this page should be about them more than me and would like to take this opportunity to thank them:
(in no particular order and the list is not exhaustive or final) Diana Ganescu, Justin Buckley, Cristina Rusen,  Andrei Rinea, Andrei Ignat, Costin Manda, Laurentiu Oprea, Flavius Manea, Raluca Nicolae, Gabriel Caragea, Laurentiu Gruia, Razvan Piticas, Mihail Alexe, Alexandru Moise,Adelina Ciobanu, Carmen Brisan, Stefanita Mitran, Razvan Rebegea, Razvan Mihalyi, Henrik Stendhal, Dan Pascu, Andrei Dumitrescu, Sorin Buiga, Robert Barronton, Daniel Stangu, Mindy Berthold, Nancy Maynard, Bob Sheppard.

And to my family, for all the love and support – Georgeta, Iancu, and Bogdan.